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Welcome & Congratulate Karen Kochiss

Longtime Lordship resident and gardening pro Karen Kochiss is the new chair of the Lordship Improvement Association's (LIA) Beautification & Parks Committee. It's quite a task, as Karen now oversees the work of volunteers tending the LIA's eight public gardens, plus the maintenance and care of the Lordship Bluffs - the large grassy area and nature trails at Russian Beach. She's also co-captain with Emily Viner of the Captain Kidd's Garden at the Bluffs.

"The importance of preserving our coastline on the Bluffs and creating gardens for all to enjoy is a journey moving forward," she says. "Working together with the volunteers of these gardens and Bluffs is so very special. Their love of nature and nurturing of our beautiful community is beyond words."

You can learn more about Karen and the LIA's gardens and more here:

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