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About the Author: Charlie Lautier

From Malta to Lordship and the LIA

Charlie Lautier at Gazebo.JPG

Charlie Lautier is a native of the Republic of Malta, located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. He left Malta during the latter part of WWII as a young boy and, by the time he was 20, had lived in five countries and three continents, having to adapt to different languages and cultures in the process.

Acquiring an education in mechanical engineering and a Connecticut Professional Engineer’s license, he worked at AVCO Lycoming at the Stratford Army Engine Plant and, subsequently, at The Nash Engineering Company in Norwalk, CT.

Charlie is a long-time member of the Lordship Improvement Association’s Beautification and Parks Committee, and volunteers as LIA Garden Captain of Lordship’s Greg Ackley Memorial Park.

He also volunteers as host of the Stratford Library’s Sunday Afternoon Talks, and is a tutor of English-as-a-Second Language with Literacy Volunteers of America.

He has lived in Lordship since 1971 and is married to Susan, a very talented lady. He is most grateful for the many opportunities that his adopted country has given him.

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