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Mission Statement

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The Lordship Improvement Association protects land for its natural, recreational, scenic, historical and productive value. The Association shall hold real property for park and historic purposes for the use and benefit of all present and future residents and visitors of Lordship.


The Lordship Improvement Association shall endeavor to improve the quality of life for all residents of Lordship through preservation of open space, education, conservation and environmental protection initiatives designed to preserve and enhance the original quality and character of the Lordship waterfront community.

The Association shall maintain the scenic vistas of the Park Boulevard bluffs, protect individual rights to access Long Island Sound and its beaches, encourage waterfront community recreational activities, smart growth, prudent land management and development, and seek to improve the overall aesthetic beauty of Lordship and its natural environment.

The Association shall also preserve, protect and develop the history and historic structures of Lordship. The association shall collaborate with other civic and charitable organizations to advance their mission.

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