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Kathy Dunn

A passion for painting, jewelry and much more


May: 'Houses on the Bluff'

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June: 'Clouds Over Stratford Point'

LIAOct-Kathy Dunn-A.jpg

October: 'Beach Goldenrod, Russian Beach'

LIADec-Kathy Dunn-A.jpg
  • May: 'Houses on the Bluff'

  • June: 'Clouds Over Stratford Point'

  • October: 'Beach Goldenrod, Russian Beach'

  • December: 'Tree on the Beach'

Kathleen Dunn was born in 1950. 


Her parents encouraged creativity from the earliest age, preferring pot lids and boxes to actual toys, to foster imagination, and one of her earliest memories was of a homemade doll, cut out of a plank on a ban saw by her father and features and clothes painted by her mother. 


Her mother, a talented painter, would not allow coloring books because she believed presenting an already-drawn image decreased incentive to draw the picture by oneself. Kathy loved paper dolls and would draw, color, and cut out clothes for them.  


Kathy and her sister Nancy always sketched - people for Kathy and horses for Nancy.


Kathy did well in high school art classes  and entertained the prospect of becoming a graphic artist.  Life intervened, and studies and a career in art-related fields simply didn’t happen. Kathy worked 40 years as a Registered Nurse, often working a second job as well as her full time job. 


During her career as a nurse she no longer painted, but periodically would engage in crafts. She helped finance nursing school by designing and crafting leather goods. Over the years, she crocheted, sewed clothes and draperies, did woodworking and wood carving, macrame’d, made stained glass, and eventually took up beading and silversmithing. For a number of years, she designed and crafted jewelry, running a small side business under the name of Dunnkat Designs.   


After retirement six years ago, Kathy took up drawing, print making and watercolors through classes in various senior centers, learning from Sabine Bonnar, Chris Goldbach, Wendy Pieper, Missy Savard, Linda McKie McClellan and Dick Rauh, plus from all her friends who painted together at the Bigelow Center, Westport Senior Center, Trumbull Senior Center, and Weston Senior Center.


She’s discovered a passion for painting and has done it for about five years now, from still life in classes, a little Plein Air Painting, Zoom classes, and from her own photographs, painting scenes from Lordship and from her travels to other countries.

To contact Kathy, please email:

December: 'Tree on the Beach'

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