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John Florian

Historian / Communications

John's career in media led him to volunteer helping the LIA with publicity, and he now heads the LIA's communications efforts - including maintaining the LIA's website and leading the committee that produces the LIA's annual calendar. He is also on the landscaping team that maintains the gardens at Greg Ackley Memorial Park (the gazebo!).

John and his wife Nancy are always telling friends and family about the beauty, friendliness and community spirit in Lordship. (Everyone waves!) For many years they'd come to Lordship for breakfast or lunch at Marnicks and then scour the streets looking for homes for sale. On a Sunday morning in 2015 they found what they'd been looking for, and now wish they'd always lived here.

John began his media career as a newspaper reporter and city editor, and moved quickly into the print magazine world, where he was editorial director of a company specializing in business and consumer magazines.

His next career stop was freelance writing and performing voice overs. And in 2006, John's dual passion for publishing and voice overs led him to create an online news and training center for voice actors (, which he operates from his Lordship home.

His hobbies include photography and landscaping (or as he describes it, "playing in the yard").

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