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Help To Care For Our Bluffs

It's Everyone's Responsibility


We live in a special community, with lots of active families. There is real connection here, unlike other neighborhoods. One of the amazing resources that we enjoy is being able to stroll down to the Bluffs and access the beach at any time of year. 

Please help us care for our shared environment. If it's to be preserved, we must all be involved. So please consider this:

  • Carry out what you carry in.

  • Refrain from driving motor vehicles here.

  • No fires!

  • Keep your dog(s) on a leash.

  • Encourage dog walkers to take their bags of dog excrement home and not throw them over the Bluffs or leave by the roadside.

  • Consider bringing a trash bag every time you go to the beach to pick up trash,and then take out it with you.

  • Remove invasives only under supervision of project leaders, so native groundcovers can stabilize the Bluffs as well as provide interest for humans and food for wildlife. We have planted native blueberries, cranberries, milkweed for butterfly migration, etc.

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