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The Lordship Improvement Association

Preserving our beautiful waterfront community for you ...


The Lordship Improvement Association Inc. (LIA) is an all volunteer, non-profit private foundation under Connecticut State Law whose mission is to enhance and preserve the distinctive character and natural beauty of the Lordship waterfront community - for all of us who live here. 

It is guided by a Board of Governors (six members, each elected to a three-year term) and committees that accomplish the LIA's many projects - aided by volunteers from the general membership and Lordship community. See BYLAWS / OUR MISSION


The Board of Governors meets regularly to plan and carry out projects to maintain and improve Lordship's beauty, safety and the environment. The Board also ensures the LIA's financial health, and its many additional tasks include grant-seeking and fundraising projects, and partnering with other organizations on projects.

Current members of the Board of Governors are:

President: Jim Warren (pictured) (photo and bio)

Associate President: Emily Viner (photo and bio)

Secretary: Hans Drenkard (photo and bio)

Treasurer: Susan Birge (photo and bio)

Burgess / Bluffs Events: Jane Scofield (photo and bio)

Historian / Communications: John Florian (photo and bio)

Jim Warren - president.jpg


The LIA's committees are ...

Beautification &  Parks

For the beauty of it all. Chaired by Karen Kochiss (pictured), this committee oversees the maintenance of the LIA's eight gardens, the Lordship Bluffs and nature trail, plus other projects to preserve and beautify the community. See PARKS  for more about each park, special projects and committee members. Also see the LIA NEWS blog to learn about projects. 

Contact Karen Kochiss:

Karen Kochiss-lite.jpg

Environment & Education

In the know. Chaired by Christine Griffin (pictured), this

committee enlightens us about the natural wonders of

Lordship, conducting projects and sponsoring events that help

preserve and enhance our environment. See ENVIRO

for more about this committee, special projects and members. Also see the LIA NEWS blog to learn about current and past projects.

Contact Christine Griffin: 203-378-3537


Communications & Publicity

Stay informed. Chaired by John Florian (pictured), this

committee maintains the LIA website (

and publicizes the LIA and its activities with the help of

contributions from LIA members. Follow the LIA NEWS blog!

Contact John Florian:

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