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LIA Environment & Education Committee Report

Brush Cutting at Bluffs — March 5th & 6th, 2016

On Saturday, March 5, and Sunday, March 6,  volunteers from LIA's Environment & Education Committee continued clearing invasive species, brush, and damaged trees on the slope of the Bluffs, We made very good progress and cleared most of the brush on the slope of the Bluff, right up to the flagpole. The area that we have cleared so far is 375' long by 25' deep - that's 9,375 sq. feet!


Thanks to these volunteers who worked so hard this weekend:  Sat. 3/5: John & Lynn Casey, Roger Cox, Francine Coughlin, Rich Diedrichsen, Tom Halverson, Judy Werner Sun. 3/6: Roger Cox, Beth Daponte, Rich Diedrichsen, Joe Gresko, Tom Halverson, Christa Madison, Mike & Irenia Morin, Dave & Dylan Padua, Aimee Sprogis, Jim Vigliotti

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We ask that volunteers not work independently of our planned work hours, or in other sections of the land trust, without permission from our project leaders who have plant and habitat expertise.  



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