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Destroy Lanternfly Egg Masses!

Updated: Apr 3

See article in USA Today:

"The Department of Agriculture wants residents to be on the lookout for spongy masses growing outdoors 'to help stomp out invasive pests this spring.' The spongy masses are the eggs of the spotted lanternfly and spongy moth, two "economically and environmentally destructive invasive insects," USDA said in a notice sent out earlier this month. The masses can attach to and travel unnoticed on trucks, cars, trains, planes, and items people leave outdoors and then move to other areas, USDA said ... USDA recommends 'smashing and scraping' the masses and putting them into a plastic bag and sealing it. The bag should then be thrown away in municipal trash. Additionally, the agency said pressure washing is another effective way to remove the masses from hard, outdoor surfaces."

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