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Pollinator Pathway At Russian Beach

Created To Attract Birds, Bees And Butterflies

pollinator garden start photo.jpg

Hans Drenkard outlined the area, removed weeds and remediated the soil as the Pollinator Pathway begins.

Pollinator pahtway planting plan.jpg

The plan features a variety of species.

(April 2022) - As part of the nationwide Pollinator Pathway project, the LIA has created an area along the nature trail at Russian Beach - east of the Laurel Street access path - where pollinator-friendly plants will be organically grown to attract and support beneficial birds, bees and butterflies.

The LIA's Environment and Education Committee recently prepared the area with donated compost and mulch, and has developed a planting plan featuring species that are drought-resistant and deer tolerant, as well as pollinator-friendly.

Committee members have already seeded some of these species, and more will be divided from other LIA and volunteer gardens.


Watch all this grow!

pollinator mulched pathway facing east.jpg

The mulched Pollinator Pathway facing east.

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