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Welcome to Lordship!

And Welcome To The Lordship Improvement Association ...

bluff garden cyclist.jpg
bluff garden cyclist.jpg

Enjoy Captain Kidd's Garden at the Lordship Bluffs.


The LIA maintains 8 beautiful gardens and the Bluffs.


Lordship is noted as a friendly seaside community.

Volunteers maintain gardens and accomplish projects.

On a peninsula jutting into Long Island Sound on the shore of Stratford, CT, Lordship is a delightful residential community bounded on the west by the Great Meadows Salt Marsh and on the east by Stratford Point and the historic lighthouse guarding the rocky entrance to the Housatonic River.

In between is the Lordship Bluffs - nearly 10 acres of lawn, nature habitat, trails and beach acreage (from the southern edge of Park Boulevard to the high water mark of the Sound, and from the western edge of Lordship Road to the western edge of Spruce Street). And it's owned by the residents of Lordship.

Held in a land trust by the Lordship Improvement Association (LIA), the Bluffs belong to us!

Maintaining the gorgeous Bluffs is only one of the many, many beautification, environmental and education projects that LIA volunteers - your neighbors - accomplish all year round ... including 

maintaining eight beautiful gardens (see map)!

The LIA is an all-volunteer, non-profit private foundation under Connecticut State Law, and since 1924, our mission has been to …

"... improve the quality of life for all residents of Lordship through preservation of open space, education, conservation and environmental protection initiatives designed to preserve and enhance the original quality and character of the Lordship waterfront community." (See more).

The LIA invites you to explore this website - from NEWS about upcoming and past events and projects ... to info about our PARKS and gardens... our ENVIRONMENT and educational projects ... about how the LIA works ... Lordship's fascinating HISTORY ... even a GIFT SHOP! ... and how YOU can lend a helping hand to preserving and  maintaining the beauty and healthy environment of our community.

Beautiful Russian Beach is on the Bluffs property.

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