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LIA Environment & Education Committee Report

Brush Cutting at Bluffs — February 20 & 21, 2016

On Saturday, February 20, and Sunday, February 21, a dozen volunteers from LIA's Environment & Education Committee began clearing invasive species, brush, and damaged trees on the slope of the Bluffs, beginning at the foot of Laurel and Maple Streets and working westward. The steep slope presented a challenge, but the warm weather and the crew's commitment enabled us to put our rakes, loppers, hand saws, and chain saws to work for two hours each day.


We stockpiled the cuttings for future pick-up, and the result of the week-end's effort was approximately 2700 square feet of cleared space! This area will be planted
under the professional landscape plan by Environmental Land Solutions of Norwalk, and Christine Griffin, who holds Master Gardener certification from UConn, and chairs our Education Committee.

As long as weather permits, we hope to continue this project during the week-ends when qualified leaders are available. If a dozen volunteers, including four retirees, can clear that much material on such a steep bank as the Bluff, there's no telling how much more we can accomplish with another dozen volunteers, youthful or otherwise.

Thanks to these volunteers who have given of their precious time so far:  Leigh Bradley, Roger Cox, Rich Diedrichsen, Alex Florek, Christine Griffin, Tom Halverson, Dennis & Karen Tomsheck, Fran Cole, Matt Fernschild, Karen Kochiss, Manny Psaltis, Aimee Sprogis


IMPORTANT NOTICE: We ask that volunteers not work independently of our planned work hours, or in other sections of the land trust, without permission from our project leaders who have plant and habitat expertise.  

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