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3rd Printing Has Arrived!

Our sales hosts are re-stocked with the LIA's 2023 LORDSHIP ARTISTS CALENDAR, just in time for your early holiday shopping. The calendar features gorgeous paintings by talented local artists of iconic Lordship scenes. It's a great gift for friends and family - and for your own home. AND ... your purchase directly benefits your community, as it supports the beautification and environmental projects of the Lordship Improvement Association (LIA -

Will we print more, after this batch is sold out? Maybe. But why risk missing out? Your calendar is available right now at ...

- Lordship Corner Market, 350 Stratford Road

- Mellow Monkey, 360 Sniffens Lane

- Dal Mare Pizzeria, 346 Stratford Road

- Breezy Point Auto Repairs, 609 Main Street

- Online/Mail Order (courtesy Mellow Monkey):

Thanks to all our sales hosts for their generous support!

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