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Call for 2024 Calendar Photos

The LIA’s 4th annual Lordship community calendar will be another beauty! And YOU'RE INVITED TO SUBMIT PHOTOS NOW for consideration for the 2024 ‘A WALK THROUGH LORDSHIP’ Calendar.

The Calendar will showcase PLACES WE LOVE AND SPECIAL TOPICS like annual events, beaches, private and public gardens, seashore & shells, wildlife, celebrations, seasons, sunsets/sunrises, Lordship Bluffs trails, community buildings … you get the idea.

HAVE PHOTOS TO SHARE – or want to take some? For clarity, cell phone photos should have – or be taken with - a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch). Or set your phone’s camera to High Density.

Submission deadline is July 1 to: Thank you for your support!

(See earlier Calendars:

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