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Destructive Insect: Spotted Lanternfly

An advisory note from Christine Griffin, chair of the Lordship Improvement Association's (LIA) Environmental Committee:

"The Spotted Lanternfly - a highly invasive insect, killing any plant it devours, was found in Lordship. If you find any, kill them by stepping or squishing. If traveling by car, please check your windshield, especially the wiper area, as this is one way the insect travels from state to state."

According to Wikipedia, the Spotted Lanternfly hops from plant to plant, and is characterized by "spotted black and white nymphs that develop a red pigmentation and wings as they mature. Adult Spotted Lanternflys display a black head, grey wings and red hind wings." More:

On a happier note, enjoy the Environmental Committee's Field Guide to the Lordship Bluffs nature trails!

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