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LIA Annual Meeting - July 26

YOU'RE INVITED - LIA ANNUAL MEETING JULY 26 OPEN TO PUBLIC The Lordship Improvement Association's annual membership meeting will be held on Wednesday July 26, 2023, from 7:00 to 9:00 PM at the Our Lady of Peace Hall (651 Stratford Road). LIA members and neighbors wishing to become members are invited to attend. Come to our annual meeting to learn about our plans, offer suggestions, and get involved in our community!

PS: Still learning about the LIA? Here's a brief review ...

The LIA was formed as a land trust for the use and enjoyment of Lordship residents. The property we own is on Long Island Sound and known as The Bluffs, the nature trail and habitat below The Bluffs, and Lordship/Russian Beach. All is entirely maintained by donations from Lordship residents to the LIA – the Town of Stratford provides no services. So, every time you enjoy this beautiful property or walk or ride along it on Park Blvd., think about how your donation contributes to its maintenance.

In addition to maintaining The Bluffs, the LIA has taken on the creation and maintenance of eight gardens in Lordship. This includes the flowers and shrubs at Ackley Memorial Park (the Gazebo!), the Flagpole and Captain Kidd’s Gardens on the Bluffs, Beach Drive Circular Garden, Crown Street Garden (by the Lordship Elementary School), Triangular Rose Garden (foot of Maple St/Laurel St), Wayne’s Walk (on Riverdale Dr), and the Washington Parkway Garden. See Gardens Map:

Membership Drive – Help Us Reach $30,000 Goal! We Need Your Financial Help to continue to make our slice of paradise beautiful. Here's where you can help:


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