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LIA Calendar's Drone Photos

The 6 FABULOUS DRONE PHOTOS in the new LIA 2024 ‘A WALK THROUGH LORDSHIP’ CALENDAR were taken by local aerial photographer Will Bileca, seen here with his drone recently at the Lordship Seawall.

Will’s unique view of Lordship from Long Island Sound graces the cover. And inside are Will’s captivating views of the Lighthouse, July 4th fireworks at Short Beach, the Seawall, and the Lordship Bluffs. Will is a Stratford High School graduate and accomplished photographer who has traveled the U.S. “in pursuit of the greatest shots.” His company, WB Aerial (, specializes in aerial and automotive photography. “Capturing a moment is an art form,” he says. “And being able to revisit those moments through photography has always been a passion for me.”

This 4th annual LIA Calendar captures scenes of all that we love about living in Lordship. In addition to Will, the Calendar features photos by John Agapito, Carol DeCapua, Kathy Dunn, John Florian, Carl Goldbaum, Christopher Green, Karen Kochiss, Charlie Lautier, John Makowski, Janet Padgett, Ellynee Rey, Kelsey Spada, Gustavo Tessaro and Jennifer Toth.

Here’s where to get your Calendar – and support the beautification and environmental projects of the Lordship Improvement Association:

  • Lordship Corner Market, 348 Stratford Road

  • Mellow Monkey, 360 Sniffens Lane

  • Dal Mare Pizzeria, 346 Stratford Road

  • Breezy Point Auto Repairs, 609 Main Street

  • Online (courtesy Mellow Monkey) at:

  • Plus: Look for it at ART IN THE PARK, October 8, at Lordship’s Greg Ackley Park (the Gazebo).

Thanks, Will and ALL photographers! And THANK YOU for your support.

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