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Lordship's Rosey View ...

Christine Griffin (left) and Lynda Williams welcome us to the Triangular Rose Garden overlooking Long Island Sound in Lordship (where Maple and Laurel Streets meet Park Boulevard). It’s one of eight gardens created and maintained by the Lordship Improvement Association (LIA).

Lynda is captain of the team tending the garden, which features a center array of red Knockout Roses circled by light gray Dusty Millers and pink New Guinea Impatiens. On this recent sunny day, Lynda and Christine groomed the garden for summer, covering declining spring bulbs. Christine notes that “although Dusty Miller is an annual, it has survived several winters and receives controlled pruning.” Enjoy more of this garden’s story:

Note: In addition to the eight gardens, the all-volunteer LIA sponsors educational and environmental projects, and maintains the Lordship Bluffs and Russian Beach in a public trust for the enjoyment of Lordship residents.

Thanks for your support!

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