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Message from Kathy Logan in Utah ...

"My calendar just arrived (Sat 10/7) and it's spectacular!! What fantastic photos, and a top quality calendar keepsake. The walk brought back lots of wonderful memories as well as stunning new visuals. Thank you so much for making these available to us old-timers who live far away now, but still consider Lordship our home. - Kathleen (Kathy) Logan, Tooele, Utah"

Thanks, Kathy! We're thrilled you're enjoying the Lordship Improvement Association's (LIA) 2024 'A Walk Through Lordship' Calendar, which features everything we love about living in Lordship.

For anyone who misses Lordship (hey - it's a great gift!), the 2024 Calendar is available online, courtesy of the Mellow Monkey store, here:

And in Lordship, you can pick it up at: • Lordship Corner Market, 348 Stratford Road • Mellow Monkey, 360 Sniffens Lane • Dal Mare Pizzeria, 346 Stratford Road • Breezy Point Auto Repairs, 609 Main Street

All Calendar proceeds benefit the LIA's Lordship beautification and environmental projects. Thanks for your support!

PS: Stay 'in the know' about all LIA news and events with a free subscription to the LIA NEWS blog:

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