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New Trees In Lordship ...

Six new young red maple trees are now growing on the esplanades in Lordship, as part of an evolving coordinated plan of tree maintenance and restoration between the Lordship Improvement Association (LIA) and the Town of Stratford.

The new trees were purchased by the LIA and planted by the Town on Monday (April 29) on Lordship Road (pictured), Washington Parkway, Margherita Lawn and Victoria Lawn. Nearby residents are watering them.

The choice of red maple trees was based on a variety of specifications, including being native for coastal Connecticut and not interfering with utilities, explains Christine Griffin, the LIA’s Environment and Education Committee chair.

This follows the removal of 23 trees by the town due to “serious defects that posed a risk to public safety,” notes Kelly Kerrigan, Environmental Conservation Superintendent for the Town of Stratford.

“The Town of Stratford conducted inspections on all trees on each of the Lordship esplanades following a request from a former councilman,” she explains. “Understanding that these trees are culturally significant, in addition to all of the important natural resources services they provide, I reviewed my inspection alongside a fellow Connecticut-licensed arborist to ensure we were making sound service-based decisions,” Kerrigan says.

“One hundred and one trees were inspected, and 23 were ultimately removed,” she adds. “Healthy trees were pruned, as needed, and remain.”

The LIA greatly appreciates the Town’s concern for Lordship’s trees and actions.

Separately, the LIA is commissioning a study of the natural habitat below the Lordship Bluffs to determine a comprehensive maintenance plan for that area.

The LIA Board also recently issued this letter to the public about safeguarding the Lordship Bluffs:


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