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Safeguarding The Lordship Bluffs - Letter From The LIA Board ... ... Unauthorized tree cutting in the Lordship Bluffs nature trails area destroys the natural beauty and environment there, and is a major concern of the Lordship Improvement Association (LIA), which owns and maintains the Bluffs in a land trust for the enjoyment of Lordship residents. And unfortunately, slats from the protective dunes fence on Russian Beach have been used in fires at the beach.

The LIA urges residents to call the Stratford Police - 203-385-4100 - to report disruptive, unsafe or illegal activities at the Bluffs and beach.

Please see more in this open letter from the LIA Board ...

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Apr 23
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Sadly, the Longbrook Park cleanup is on the same day. Hard to choose.


Apr 22

Does this include calling the police to report illegal driving and parking of motorized vehicles on the Bluffs?

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