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Summer Greets Autumn at the Gazebo ...

Thank you, Pat and Charles Marqua, for the autumn leaves artistically winding the columns at the Vicki Soto Memorial Gazebo in Lordship's Greg Ackley Memorial Park. Mounds of colorful summer impatiens are lingering there now, too. But on this coming Saturday morning, garden caption Charlie Lautier will lead his crew in replacing the impatiens with yellow and orange mums, and bury daffodil bulbs for their spring show-off.

The gardens at this park are one of 8 gardens maintained by the Lordship Improvement Association (LIA) - along with the Lordship Bluffs - for the enjoyment of Lordship residents. The LIA's 2023 Membership/Donation drive is wrapping up, and if you'd like to help with this all-volunteer organization's expenses, please click here:

Thanks for your support!

(Charlie Lautier photo)

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