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Kevin Regan – a longtime Lordship resident and award-winning horticultural professional – is taking a breather from his many years leading the Lordship Improvement Association’s (LIA) Beautification & Parks Committee (a new chairperson will be announced soon), and his role on the Board as LIA Associate President.

But Kevin’s accomplishments will continue to be seen for years to come in the beauty and enhancements he brought to the Lordship Bluffs/Russian Beach area and the LIA’s eight public gardens.

Also remembered is Kevin’s leadership style when managing all this: listening to ideas (and complaints), and his energetic drive to achieve results and exceed expectations. Plus: working with Kevin was always fun! Kevin and his wife Alanna moved to Lordship in 2002, and Kevin joined the LIA in 2014. In July 2019 he was elected Associate President of the LIA and chair of the Beautification and Parks Committee – which he tripled in size to today’s nearly 20 volunteers.

Working with and supporting those dedicated volunteers who oversee the LIA’s gardens, Kevin also designed and developed the gardens on Washington Parkway (which won the Stratford Town Beautification Committee ‘Volunteer Service Award’ in 2014), the Beach Drive Circular Garden, gardens at Ackley Memorial Park, and the newly enhanced Wayne’s Walk. (Gardens Map:

The LIA owns the Lordship Bluffs/Russian Beach area and preserves it for the enjoyment of residents. Kevin managed the maintenance of all this – mowing, seeding, flailing (cutting back the growth on the ridge), eradicating invasive growth, maintaining the trails and more – and brought professional outsourcing to projects he didn’t personally tackle. And he was always “there” to offer expert guidance, till the soil, deliver plants, shrubs and mulch – and whatever was needed to empower the garden crews.

“I am very proud of all members of the Beautification Committee and the many diverse capabilities that they contribute in volunteer time,” Kevin says today. “My greatest hope for the LIA is that the Committee will always strive to exceed expectations in garden appeal. And I am very genuine in saying that my time in these roles with the LIA was personally fulfilling.”

Thank you again, Kevin. See you around!

PS: The Lordship Improvement Association is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to enhancing and improving the beauty and environment of our fabulous waterfront community. Volunteers and donations always welcome! (

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