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Update - The Bluffs At Russian Beach

(4 Feb 22) Take a break from seeing snow and ice – think spring! Especially for the Lordship Bluffs at Russian Beach. The Bluffs and nature trails (off Park Boulevard, from Lordship Road to Spruce Street) are owned and maintained by the Lordship Improvement Association (LIA) for the enjoyment of Lordship residents. Over time, the wear and tear of humans and Mother Nature there requires attention, and the LIA’s Kevin Regan – chair of Beautification and Parks Committee – shares what the LIA has hired contractors to do over the past year or so:

• Seasonal lawn mowing over the approximately 100,000 square feet.

• Overseeding the lawn to maintain a grassy turf.

• Maintaining the main 1,200-foot nature trail (May 15 to September 15), including cutting back growth to a 10- to 12-foot width to reduce issues with poison ivy and ticks.

• Flush-cutting large areas of invasive Japanese Knot Weed – which is recommended to control or eliminate that weed.

• And most recently, flush cutting overgrown vegetation that impacts desirable waterfront views – cutting from the ridge line to the Bluffs.

PS: Thanks for your tremendous support of the LIA for this work, along with the maintenance of 8 beautiful gardens and other conservation projects and events! (

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