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Russian Beach Long-Term Renovation 

The following will show the many individual projects that make up the Russian Beach Long-Term Plan.
What are 150 Interns Doing at Russian Beach?

On August 4, 2015, we are lucky enough to have 150 interns helping the LIA with work on the Bluffs and Russian Beach. Here's what they'll be doing:


1. Dig up and remove Japanese knotweed 3 locations

2. Install snow fencing along beach grass line

3. Cut down & remove small trees & bushes

4. Clean up and provide access for storm drains

5. Apply water sealant to tops of 150 fence posts

6. Cut down & remove overgrowth on main path

7. Cut down & dig out porcelain berry Laurel to Margherita

8. Cut down & remove overgrowth on stairs & ramps

9. Remove litter from Bluffs and Beach

10. Cut down black locust trees at Lordship Road

11. Cover knotweed area with black tarps & stake down

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