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April Showers Bring May Flowers ...

… so Lynda Williams (garden captain, left) and Christine Griffin welcomed the free watering last Saturday as they finished spring cleanup at the LIA’s Triangular Rose Garden (at the junctions of Lordship’s Park Blvd., Maple and Laurel Streets - see map). Although the central Knock Out Roses are yet to bloom, the garden is already a beauty, ringed by golden Marieke Daffodils and blue Grape Hyacinths.

Even in the Saturday rain, Lynda and Christine were yanking out spent daffodil stems and planning what’s next. When the daffs and hyacinths fade they’ll be cut back and Dusty Miller and White Alyssum will be planted for a lace effect. Those plants also tolerate drought and are a huge draw for pollinators. In the fall, more daffodil bulbs will be planted to extend next year’s daffy season.

The garden is truly a three-season treat! You can see its full story and summer glory here:

PS: The Lordship Improvement Association’s 8 gardens and the Lordship Bluffs are maintained by volunteers, supported by LIA memberships and donations. If you appreciate our work, please consider helping: Thank you!

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