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Meet The Calendar Artists!

What a delight! Here you can learn the stories, talent and how to contact and follow the awesome artists in your 2023 LORDSHIP ARTISTS Calendar from the LIA: They're Lordship treasures!

Oh oh ... you don't have a Calendar yet? Hurry! It's a special Lordship holiday gift and perfect for your home, too. But they're nearly sold out at these valued sales hosts: - Lordship Corner Market, 350 Stratford Road - Mellow Monkey, 360 Sniffens Lane - Dal Mare Pizzeria, 346 Stratford Road - Breezy Point Auto Repairs, 609 Main Street - Online/Mail Order (courtesy Mellow Monkey):

PS: Calendar proceeds go directly to Lordship beautification and enviro projects of the Lordship Improvement Association. So do proceeds from the fun GIFT SHOP!

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