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Pollinator Garden Rock Wall Is Working!

Thank you to the Lordship neighbors who lugged rocks to complete the Pollinator Pathway Garden rock wall at the Lordship Bluffs nature trail. “It will help us separate local weeds from the native species planted to service pollinators,” explains Christine Griffin, chair of the Lordship Improvement Association’s (LIA) Environmental and Education Committee. The committee’s project at this garden (located at the foot of Laurel Street, down the stairs to the beach path) continues with new plantings and expansion. See photos for what’s blooming there now: spiderwort (trandescantia - blue blossoms), blackberry (white flower), lantana (orange blossom) and cat mint (nepeta – blue flowers on spikey stalks). Would you like to help in this or other projects? Please see the ENVIRO tab at

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