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Spring Cleanup at the Flagpole Garden

When enjoying the beauty of the flowers at the LIA’s Flagpole Garden on the Lordship Bluffs overlooking LI Sound, have you ever wondered who’s responsible for this creative mix of colors? Well, that would be garden captain Janet Benedict (left in photo) and team member Tere Ralabate, seen yesterday at spring cleanup and adding a blanket of mulch. The daffs, tulips and crocus here have shed their flowers, but blooming soon will be a perennial mix of Catmint, Indian Feather , Sweet William, Salvia, Agastache – and more! Golden Cyprus and a rose shrub loom large.

PS: The Lordship Improvement Association’s 8 gardens and the Lordship Bluffs are maintained by volunteers, supported by LIA memberships and donations. If you appreciate our work, please consider helping: Thank you!

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