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Thank You, Dennis Tomsheck!

(13 Dec 21)

The Lordship Improvement Association (LIA) thanks Dennis Tomsheck for his many, many years of devoted service as he recently retired from the association’s Board of Governors. Dennis was the LIA’s first president upon its reorganization as a non-profit organization in 2010, and most recently served on the Board as Burgess and coordinator of events on the Bluffs. Dennis “led the reorganization of the LIA into what it is today,” notes Lordship Historian Tom Halverson, who also recently retired from the Board after many years of service, including as LIA president. About his early days at LIA, Dennis says, “I was president for several years until Richard Diedrichsen took over. The first job as president of an organization such as this: find and start grooming your replacement!”

Note: The LIA was originally founded in 1924 and maintains Lordship’s many gardens and the Bluffs at Russian Beach, conducts conservation and environmental projects, and sponsors educational events. (

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