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Great for your home and holiday gifts, the LIA's 2024 "A Walk Through Lordship" Calendar is in limited supply at the sales outlets below - and the "last minute" to buy is fast approaching!

We cannot print more 2024 Calendars because the supplier has ended the quantity discount that allowed the Lordship Improvement Association (LIA) to receive a profit - money that directly supports maintenance and care of the Lordship Bluffs, Russian Beach, 8 community gardens, environmental programs and more.

If you've already purchased the Calendar, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

And here's where to make your "last minute" purchase:

• Lordship Corner Market, 348 Stratford Road

• Mellow Monkey, 360 Sniffens Lane

• Dal Mare Pizzeria, 346 Stratford Road

• Breezy Point Auto Repairs, 609 Main Street

• Online (courtesy Mellow Monkey) at:

You’ll be fascinated by Will Bileca’s unique drone photography (the cover, freshly painted Lighthouse and more), and also delight in scenes photographed by John Agapito, Carol DeCapua, Kathy Dunn, John Florian, Carl Goldbaum, Christopher Green, Karen Kochiss, Charlie Lautier, John Makowski, Janet Padgett, Ellynee Rey, Kelsey Spada, Gustavo Tessaro and Jennifer Toth.

Thank you, photographers! And thank YOU for your support of the LIA (

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