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About Launching & Storing Your Small Boat On Russian Beach This Summer ...

If you’re thinking of the convenience of launching and storing your small non-motorized boat on Lordship’s Russian Beach this summer, here’s the policy on that from the Lordship Improvement Association (LIA), which owns and maintains the beach (to the high water mark) for the enjoyment of Lordship residents: 

·        Lordship residents are permitted to launch small non-motorized boats (up to 18 feet) from Russian Beach and to store the boats on the beach during summer.

·        Boats left on the beach should be clearly identified with the owner's name, address and phone number.

·        ​You may bury a small weight to tether it on the beach (not on a path).

·        The LIA provides NO storage facilities and takes no responsibility for the safety of boats stored on the beach. Vandalism of boats left on the beach is common and owners should expect that possibility.

·        To keep the beach free of clutter, boats left on the beach after October 31 will be subject to removal and donation to a local charity or disposed of.

Here’s the policy on the LIA’s website:

PS: When leaving the beach, take everything out with you that you brought in (except for the boat, of course). And please consider bringing a bag to pick up trash left behind by others who are less considerate.

Thanks for your support!

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