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Spring Has Sprung At Lordship's Ackley Park

In this top picture, the colorful little stones ringing the “Welcome to Lordship” sign garden at Lordship’s Ackley Park (anchored by the Gazebo) were treasures dug up there Saturday by the Lordship Improvement Association’s (LIA) garden crew. Each stone has a different inspirational one-word saying. It’s magical! Thanks to the thoughtful artists who created those stones.

Also sort of magical is the garden crew’s transformation of crusty winter flower beds to colorful flowers that will grow tall into summer and early fall. Led by garden captain Charlie Lautier, helpers were Paula Sweeley, Lionel Gray and John Florian. Crews of the LIA’s other 7 Lordship gardens are busy at spring cleanup and summer prep now, too! Check out all the garden locations here:

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Thanks for your support!

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May 07
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Love the beautiful results of all that hard work. ❤️

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