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Lordship Reminder: Wood Chips Wednesday

Updated: Apr 3

Hi! The Lordship Improvement Association (LIA) needs to spread wood chips on the nature path at Russian Beach to inhibit overgrowth that harbors ticks. And we need your help!

Tomorrow, March13, the Town of Stratford will deliver wood chip piles to the bluffs at Victoria Lawn and Laurel Street. We need volunteers to bring wheelbarrows, pitchforks, tarps and rakes to move the chips down to the path and spread them. Tarps can be used to drag chips down the steps at Laurel Street.

Please plan to help whenever you can, as follows:

• Load your wheelbarrow at Victoria or Laurel (see attached map).

• Wheel it to beach access. Roll your wheelbarrow directly down the Victoria pathway to the trail. At the top of the Laurel steps pour your wheelbarrow onto a tarp and drag it down the steps to spread it on the trail.

• Spread chips to a depth of approximately 4”.

• Wear sunscreen and insect repellent.


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